Graduate courses:

  1. Smart Wearables II D, Spring 2024

  2. Smart Wearables (DICE-EV0002)

    Autumn 2023

  3. Internet protocols
    Spring 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

  4. An Intensive Course on AR-based Cognitive Assistance Application Development
    Spring 2019

  5. Energy-efficient mobile computing
    Spring 2016

Undergraduate courses:

  1. Basic Principles in Networking (ELEC-C7420)
    Spring 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023, 2024

Master’s theses (19):

  1. A software solution for performance monitoring and decoding for Long-Term Evolution (LTE)-based Internet of Things (IoT) devices
    Jiamin Yan, 2023

  2. Emotion Recognition based on Physiological Signals

    Min Tian, 2023

  3. Functional Verification of Frequency Offset Correction Hardware Accelerator IP Used in Beamforming Multiplication Module for 5G/6G uplink SoC

    Mingli Ma, 2023

  4. Visual Object Detection for Drones: A Domain Adaptation Perspective

    Weijiang Xiong, 2022

  5. Multi-Layered Woven Fabrics for Application of Piezoresistive Pressure-sensitive E-textile

    Jingting Ma, 2022 (Aalto/ARTS)

  6. Wireless Haptic System Design for a Multiplayer VR Game Scenario

    Wan-ting Hsieh, 2021 (Aalto/ARTS)

  7. Designing for VR-based stroke rehabilitation – Using vibrotactile feedback in arm motion guidance for stroke patients

    Tim Moesgen, 2021 (Aalto/ARTS)

  8. QoI-oriented incentive mechanisms for vehicle-based visual crowdsourcing

    Rafael Pires Orozco, 2021

  9. User experience design of a virtual reality application for mechanical assembly training

    Maimuna Syed, 2020

  10. Vision-based road construction site detection and localization

    Krishna Kumar Karthikeyan, 2020

  11. Design of AI/ML based resource management solutions for beyond-5G networks

    Waqar Abbas, 2020

  12. Wearable Assistance System for Early Phase of Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

    Ilpo Härkönen, 2020

  13. Design and implementation of a virtual reality application for mechanical assembly training

    Jasse Lahdenperä, 2019

  14. Augmented Reality Solution for Facilities Maintenance with BIM

    Mao Lin, 2019

  15. Gamification in video labeling

    Samuel Suikkanen, 2019

  16. Accelerated DPDK in containers for networking nodes

    Rohan Krishnakumar, 2019

  17. Resource management in container-based mobile edge computing

    Muhammad Farooq Tufail, 2018

  18. Scene reconstruction from 3D point clouds

    Ekman Pekka, 2017 | pdf

  19. Measuring and analyzing energy consumption of the data center

    Theodosios Makris, 2017  | pdf

Bachelor’s theses (at Aalto University) (21):

  1. A survey on localisation methods for autonomous ground vehicles
    Nuutti Henriksson, 2022

  2. Prototyping of a smart glove for CPR training

    Adilet Beketov, 2021 (advisor: Emmi Pouta)

  3. Prototyping of smart gloves for CPR training based on haptic feedback

    Dias Tlekbay, 2021 (advisor: Emmi Pouta)

  4. 5G mobile network characteristics and measurement using Android
    Henri Munter, 2021

  5. Augmented reality based CPR training assistance
    Kalle Kivimaa, 2020

  6. Recognition of road markings using computer vision
    Markus Tuominen, 2020

  7. A wearable sensing application for CPR training

    Santeri Sipilä, 2020

  8. A webtool for e-textiles design

    Roope Lehikoinen, 2019

  9. 5G for automated and connected cars

    Markku Leppälä, 2019  | pdf

  10. User experience in healthcare applying augmented reality
    (Advisor: Jihye Lee)
    Felipe Gonzalez Carceller, 2019

  11. On estimating energy expenditure of physical activities from videos: overview, applications and potential approaches 
    (Advisor: Petr Byvshev)
    Petri Jehkonen, 2019

  12. A virtual reality game for physical therapy

    Mikko Etelätalo, 2018  | pdfDemo

  13. Drive data visualization using augmented reality

    Nathan Marcalle Nylund, 2018  | pdf

  14. Using vision-based methods for object detection in traffic

    Rickard Hellström, 2018  | pdf

  15. Hand gesture recognition using smart watches 
    (Advisor: Yuki Sato)
    Kasper Keinänen, 2018  | pdf

  16. A survey on services and applications for connected vehicles

    Tuomo Kivekäs, 2017  | pdf

  17. A survey on infrastructure-free indoor localization techniques

    Paavo Pärssinen, 2017  | pdf

  18. Vehicular fog computing

    Jukka Laakko, 2017 | pdf

  19. A survey on AR systems and applications

    Jesse Nieminen, 2017  | pdf

  20. Floor plan reconstruction from 3D point cloud

    Jasse Lahdenperä, 2016  | pdf

  21. A web-based augmented reality content editor

    Markus Murhu, 2016| pdf