Press Coverage:

  1. Smart Wearables courses teach students both design and engineering skills, 29.4.2024
  2. Gesture recognition technology shrinks to micro size 27.10.2020
  3. Technology to guide rehabilitation patients by the hand. Aalto University Magazine 27. 23.10.2020
  4. Multidisciplinary pilot project explored smart textiles and virtual reality in rehabilitation of stroke patients 26.05.2020
  5. Artificial intelligence passes on skills at the workplace
    Prof. Yu Xiao
    Aalto University, April 22, 2020
  6. 17 million fund backs 170 projects to develop disruptive solutions to key societal challenges
    Prof. Yu Xiao
    Aalto University, May 22, 2019
  7. Aalto’s Mobile Cloud Computing group deepens collaboration with IE Business School
    Giancarlo Pastor
    Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, January 2019
  8. Playing sparked an idea how to transfer tacit knowledge
    Prof. Yu Xiao
    Aalto University Magazine, Issue 23, October 2018


  1. Aziza Zhanabatyrova is awarded an ELEC funded position by the Aalto ELEC doctoral school
    November 2019

  2. Prof. Yu Xiao receives the Best paper award from MobiQuitous’19, joint work with Tongji University
    November 2019

  3. Giancarlo Pastor is awarded an MBA scholarship by the Saastamoinen Foundation
    August 2019
  4. Clayton Souza is awarded a ELEC funded position (multidisciplinary research)by the Aalto ELEC doctoral school
    November 2018

  5. Marius Noreikis is awarded HIIT support funding by the HIIT Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
    August 2018

  6. Giancarlo Pastor is appointed Adjunct Professor (Entrepreneurship) by the IE Business School
    July 2018

  7. Petr Byvshev is awarded an ELEC funded position by the Aalto ELEC doctoral school
    May 2018

  8. Giancarlo Pastor and Truong-An Pham are awarded HIIT travel grants by the HIIT Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
    May 2018

  9. Our group is awarded Aalto internal seed funding to support mobility of researchers to/from Tongji University and Fudan University
    January 2018
  10. Prof. Yu Xiao received the Young Researcher Award from the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion
    June 2017


  1. Prof. Qingyuan Gong, Fudan University, visits our team in October 2023
  2. Aziza Zhanabatyrova visits National Institute of Informatics, Japan from August 2023 to October 2023.
  3. Prof. Pascal Mettes, University of Amsterdam, visits our team
    January, 2020

  4. Prof. Yanjun Shi
    , Dalian University of Technology, visits our team
    May, 2019

  5. Truong-An Pham
    visits Carnegie Mellon University
    October – December 2018, US

  6. Giancarlo Pastor
    visits IE Business School
    [Feb., May., Sep.] 2019, [Jul., Oct., Dec.] 2018, Spain

  7. Prof. Yang Chen
    , Fudan University, visits our team
    August – September 2018

  8. Prof. Weixiong Rao
    , Tongji University, visits our team
    August 2018

  9. Chao Zhu
    visits the Institute of Automation Shandong Academy of Science
    August 2018, China

  10. Chao Zhu
    visits NII National Institute of Informatics
    February 2018 – August 2018, Japan

  11. Giancarlo Pastor visits KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
    September 2017, Sweden

  12. Prof. Yong Li
    , Tsinghua University, visits our team
    July 2017

Invited talks and demo presentations:

  1. User interface for AR/VR
    Teknologia 19
    Yu Xiao
    Messukeskus, Helsinki, Nov 6, 2019

  2. Unleash the power of the crowd for smart mobility

    Hel Tech / Smart Mobility
    Yu Xiao
    Helsinki, June 3, 2019

  3. Career as an entrepreneur

    Excellence brings competitiveness – Doctoral career paths
    Yu Xiao
    Aalto University, May 2019

  4. Virtual reality for physical therapy

    Health and Behavior Data Symposium
    Yu Xiao
    Aalto University, April 2019

  5. 3D modelling and AR navigation

    EIT Digital Industry Summer School
    Yu Xiao
    EIT, August 2018

  6. 3D modelling and image classification for construction management
    Aalto BIM Digital Design and Construction Summer School
    Yu Xiao
    Aalto University, June 2018

  7. Machine learning tools for education science
    Workshop on Digitalisation and AI in Education
    Petr Byvshev
    University of Helsinki, May 2018

  8. Vehicular fog Computing

    Digi and living breakfast: Autonomous mobility
    Yu Xiao
    Aalto University, January 2018

  9. VR app for physical therapy in chronic pain management  
    Digi and experience breakfast: VR and AR
    Yu Xiao, Jyhee Lee and Jouni Ojala
    Aalto University, December 2017

  10. Active project demo

    EIT Digital Finland Innovation Day
    Yuki Sato and Tufail Muhammad
    Aalto University, December 2017

  11. Stochastic geometry and low-rank tensor models for vehicular crowdsensing

    Modern Methods in Nonsmooth Optimization
    Giancarlo Pastor
    University of Würzburg, February 2017