DataFog: A data-driven platform for capacity and resource management in vehicular fog computation

Research Topics

  • Algorithms for real-time task allocation in vehicular fog computing environments
  • Data-driven city-wide capacity planning for vehicular fog computing
  • Edge-powered cooperative driving in 5G networks

Project Team Members

  • Dr. Ozgur Akgul
  • Wencan Mao (doctoral student, graduated in 2023)
  • Aziza Zhanabatyrova (doctoral student, expected to graduate in 2024)
  • Xuebing Li (doctoral student, expected to graduate in 2024)
  • Dr. Byungjin Cho
  • Dr. Chao Zhu (doctoral student, graduated in 2020)
  • Dr. Marius Noreikis (doctoral student, graduated in 2019)

Research Collaborations

Open Source


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